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Northwood News ♦ October 2016

Important NFCCA Meeting Thursday, October 13th

By Laura Hussey

Please plan to attend the NFCCA meeting on Thursday, Oct. 13, at 7:30 p.m. at Forest Knolls Elementary School.  We have invited County Department of Transportation officials — as well as our elected representatives — to come to the meeting and have asked them to explain why DOT has changed the planned work for our streets from complete roadway rehabilitation to “full-depth permanent patching.”

At the NFCCA meeting in February of this year, Montgomery County Department of Transportation Outreach Manager Josh Faust and County Council Representative Tom Hucker assured us that we were on the schedule for our neighborhood streets to undergo complete rehabilitation, with work beginning in the summer of 2016, and assured us that the funds for this work were already encumbered.  In September, flyers began appearing in neighborhood mailboxes alerting us that the permanent patching project would begin in late September.

In addition, while the flyers received by residents in the older part of the neighborhood (from Dennis toward Southwood and Sutherland) indicate that the work will begin in late September and the streets in this section have already been marked, the schedule on the MCDOT website indicates that this section of the neighborhood will be started in Spring 2017.

What can you do?  Here are a few suggestions:

  1. If you would like some answers, come to the meeting on October 13.  A good turnout will help our concerns be taken seriously.  Working together is how neighborhood associations get things done!

  2. Sign and complete the letter on the back page, and either bring it to the meeting or put a stamp on it, fold it, and mail it.  We will collect letters at the meeting and NFCCA will pay postage for letters dropped off at the meeting!

  3. Vote in the NFCCA election!  Next year’s NFCCA Board will be elected at the October 13 meeting.  You must have paid your 2016–2017 dues ($10 per household) to vote.  Dues can be paid online at, by mail using the envelope provided in this newsletter (checks only), or at the meeting itself.

  4. Vote in the November election!  When our elected officials know we vote, they pay attention to our issues.  Register by October 18 or at an early voting location beginning October 27.   ■

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