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Northwood News ♦ October 2022

NFCCA Dues Increased to $15

By Sharon Canavan

For as long as any of us can remember, the NFCCA annual membership dues have been set at $10 per year.  But the time has come for a modest increase so the association will remain financially viable.  The NFCCA Board held a special meeting in July to discuss the association’s finances.  At that meeting, the Board decided to raise the annual membership dues from $10 to $15 per household (not per person) per year.

The dues increase will be considered for ratification by a membership vote, as stipulated in the NFCCA’s bylaws, at the upcoming general meeting on 12 October.  Any household that is current on its dues is eligible to vote.  If you are unsure whether you are up to date on your dues, NFCCA has an online tool on its website at to check your membership status.

NFCCA’s main annual expense is for printing the Northwood News.  Inflation has hit our printing expenses and advertising income is insufficient to cover the newsletter costs.  The Board discussed implementing other measures, such as reducing the number of issues per year or publishing Northwood News online-only, rather than delivering the News to every house in the NFCCA territory.  After discussion, the Board decided that increasing dues to $15 annually would preserve a printed newsletter while still leaving sufficient funds to cover our increased communication subscription expenses (Zoom meetings and the NFCCA website and listserv), as well as reasonable expenses for NFCCA-sponsored social events, such as National Night Out, neighborhood bike rides, and other activities.

Most NFCCA members pay their dues online so, to make payments easier going forward, there will no longer be an added $1/year PayPal service fee.  There are several convenient ways to pay your NFCCA dues:

The annual NFCCA dues drive kicks off in October.  A pre-addressed dues envelope is included with this issue of the Northwood News.

If you own or operate a local business, another way to help your business and the NFCCA thrive is to advertise your business in the Northwood News.  Also, you can help by reaching out to encourage your neighbors, especially the newcomers, to join the NFCCA.   ■

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