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Northwood News ♦ June 2021

Suggestions for GameStop Half

By Jacquie Bokow

Those of you on the listserv will have heard that a Pizza Hut will be going into half of the building in Four Corners that held GameStop.  The other half hasn’t been rented yet.  After collecting suggestions from the neighborhood listserv, I sent the following list to Todd Malamut at NREB, LLC, in Bethesda.

21“Real” ice cream shop (3=Rita’s or Carmen’s Italian Ice, 2=Moorenko’s, 2=Dolcezza, 1=A La Mode, 1=sweet shop)
18Bagel shop (1=Einstein Bros. specifically)
12Coffee shop (especially a “local” or “independent” one) (3=Vigilante Coffee)
6Playa Bowls
3Boba/bubble tea shop
2Afghan cuisine
2Bike repair shop
2Halal Brothers, or restaurant offering Halal food
2Breakfast place or Breakfast sandwich place
2Korean BBQ place/Bibibop
2Kid-to-Kid or other children’s clothing consignment shop
1Eatery different from what’s already in 4C
1Liquor store (not beer/wine)
1Miner Taco
1Poke place
1Latin food place/pupuseria or Peruvian chicken
1Something that is not a chain
1Baked by Yael
1Wine Bar
1“Office location” of a service business (plumbing, cleaning, etc.)
1South Block
1Gourmet hot dog shop that also serves fries
1Smoothie place
1Quality sushi place
1Indian restaurant
1Ethiopian restaurant
1Ethiopian coffee shop
1Vietnamese banh mi (sandwich) shop
1A sustainable goods shop like Takoma Park’s Fulfillery (ethically-sourced cleaning products in plastic-free packaging)

I also forwarded to him some of the comments that I received.  The miniscule parking lot presents a problem; whatever is there needs to be a grab-and-go type of place.  Much as we would like a decent ice cream shop, it won’t get enough foot traffic to thrive.  However, several gelato chains (Dolcezza Gelato and La Gelatteria) also serve coffee, so that might increase traffic from morning commuters, especially as all the nearby Starbucks are on the other side of the street.

I told him that the Pizza Hut is an unfortunate choice as there are four places in Four Corners now where one can grab a slice.

A business serving good coffee might do well there, especially as — I presume — the Pizza Hut wouldn’t be open in the morning.  Ideally, a place that serves good coffee and bagels in the morning and ice cream or gelato at night might be a gigantic hit!   ■

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