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Northwood News ♦ June 2021

A Bit of Community…

By Sharon Canavan

In a recent thread on our listserv (, several residents shared their stories about living in our neighborhood — who they bought from, why they love this area, and the characteristics they feel contribute to such a strong sense of community here in Northwood-Four Corners.  Here is a sampling of those shared stories.

A recent homebuyer on Malta, who moved in three months before the pandemic hit, bought from an original owner who had died not long ago, although the house had been rented for awhile.  A lifelong resident of Montgomery County, she has lived in different parts of Silver Spring for over 20 years and enthused that, “I LOVE Forest Knolls.  I just feel so at home here.  It’s so friendly, open, and diverse….  I thank my lucky stars to have moved here when I did.  I have borrowed lawn equipment, tried to rescue dying squirrels, returned a loose dog, had my loose dog returned (four times — THANK YOU!), and been brought thank you cakes and cookies for just being neighborly.  And as my neighbor across the street said when borrowing a cup of flour, it’s so 1950s.  I think in this hood, it will be that way always.  Give me friendly, down to Earth any day of the week!”

Another resident shared that, “When we moved into our home on Margate Road, which we purchased from the Eliopolis family in 1979, there were handprint cutouts in the lower level bathroom of different children’s sizes.  Several years later there was a knock at the door.  One of their daughters (I think they had five or six girls and one boy) came back to visit the house.  At that time, their dining room wallpaper was still up.  And she was really excited about seeing the growth lines on the wall in the laundry.”

Roots run very deep in our community; there are plenty of folks who grew up here and loved it so much they purchased a home for their own families to grow up in.  Two Northwood graduates who lived on Malta Lane and Belton Road married and wrote that, “When we were looking for a house after I got pregnant, I saw the ad for a house on Cavalier; somehow I could picture what it looked like in my mind.  I wanted a one-level brick home with lots of light and we knew it was for us when we saw it.  At closing, the sellers told us the original owners were Nelson and Eleanor Ostrinsky.  Both of them were teachers in MCPS and my husband had had classes with both. Their younger daughter, Carol, was our age and was delighted to learn we had purchased her old home.  Our son attended Forest Knolls as his father had and graduated from Northwood, too!”

Many of us enjoy going to vote at Forest Knolls because of the memories we have of our children attending elementary school there.  One parent who lived on the other side of University reminisced that, “When I went to the building to vote I saw a picture she [her daughter] had drawn on the wall outside the All-Purpose Room.  I have run into people who knew her then, too — now all grown up.”

Another homeowner noted that the sellers of their home were the parents of George Pelecanos, a bestselling and Emmy-nominated writer, who graduated from Northwood.

One neighbor wrote, “Thanks for sharing some of the history of this wonderful neighborhood.  We were fortunate to be renting nearby when this beautiful house on Loxford went on the market.  We purchased it from an original owner.  We’ve gotten to spend some time with him and he told us some of his memories of the house, property, and neighborhood.”  She also shared a photo of an acrylic painting she did of her house.

In 2008, Linda Perlman wrote a brief story in the June issue of Northwood News about the Carriage Rambler house style built on Chiswell Lane (read it here).

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