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Northwood News ♦ April 2020

New Stop Signs Near Forest Knolls Elementary School

By Julie Whitcomb

The recently installed 4-way stop signs on Cavalier Drive and Hannes Street are a great safety addition.  The stop signs, installed in January, changed the busy intersection from a stop just along Hannes Street to a stop along both roads.  Before this installation, cars would speed through the intersection which is commonly used by children walking to and from Forest Knolls Elementary School.  Many people are still not used to the new four-way stop signs and continue to drive through the intersection without stopping.

Next time you approach the cross roads of Cavalier Drive and Hannes Street, please remember to stop, look, listen, and drive carefully through the intersection.  The school children and neighborhood squirrels will thank you!

[Board member Whitcomb lives on Chiswell Lane.]   ■

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