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Northwood News ♦ April 2020

The Rules Regarding Parking in Our Neighborhood

By Linda S. Perlman

Being a good neighbor includes parking your vehicle in compliance with the parking restrictions applicable to residential streets.  Montgomery County parking laws can be found in Chapter 31, Motor Vehicles and Traffic, of the Montgomery County Code.  There are dozens of parking regulations, but the following are the most frequent violations seen in our neighborhood.


On-street parking complaints are enforced by the Police Department.  If a vehicle poses a hazard, then call the police non-emergency number (301.279.8000).  The police officer has discretion as to what action, if any, will be taken in response to a parking violation complaint:  the officer can issue a citation or warning, or make contact with the violator and arrange to have the vehicle moved or the violation abated.  The officer also can ticket and tow depending on the seriousness of the violation.

Off-street parking issues, including parking in yards and unregistered and inoperative vehicle issues, are handled by the Montgomery County Department of Housing and Community Affairs or the Department of Permitting Services.  Complaints can be submitted online or by calling the Montgomery County 311 call center or 240.777.0311.

[Perlman, Secretary to the NFCCA Board, is an attorney with offices in Takoma Park.  She lives on Caddington Avenue.]   ■

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