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Northwood News ♦ December 2019

Ever Wonder What the NFCCA Does With Your Dues?

The Northwood News, which is printed five times a year, is the main expense the NFCCA incurs.  Dues cover only one-third of the printing cost; ad sales pay for the rest.  NFCCA keeps costs as low as possible by recruiting volunteers to deliver the newsletter.

The good news is that attendance is up at the five General Membership meetings that NFCCA holds each year.  Freshly baked cookies and raffle prizes make the meetings fun and speakers offer a wealth of information.  Meeting room rental and prizes are a modest $350.  This year we also had to replace the worn out placards that advertise upcoming neighborhood meetings.

Communication is key to keeping the Northwood-Four Corners-Forest Knolls community up to date on issues that affect our neighborhood.  By paying Montgomery County Civic Federation membership dues, we can stay current on local issues (and we get a vote in countywide policy!).  Hosting the website is another moderate expense.

NFCCA would like to take on more special projects.  In the past, the association provided support to install five Little Free Libraries around our neighborhood.  This year, we developed and printed Welcome Kits to help our new neighbors familiarize themselves with the community.

The National Night Out at Forest Knolls Pool with music, snow cone machine, and swimming costs less than $100.  Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to sponsor more get togethers to meet your neighbors and make our community even more vibrant?

The sad news is NFCCA presently takes in less revenue than our total expenses, so we need to increase overall dues income by getting more households to join our association.  Although there is money in a reserve fund (left from a special collection taken up in the mid-1980s to combat gypsy moths), it is prudent management to maintain this reserve account as a “rainy day” account to meet potential critical expenses that may arise in the future.

The NFCCA Officers and Board, along with a fantastic group of neighborhood volunteers, are doing our part to keep expenses as low as possible.  Please do your part by joining the NFCCA.   ■

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