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Northwood News ♦ October 2017

NFCCA’s New Social Media, Virtual Photo Contest

The Northwood-Four Corners Civic Association is embracing 21st century communication technologies, Facebook and Twitter, to expand the ways our neighborhood communicates.  The new social media are in addition to, not a replacement for, our current email listserv on Yahoo Groups, the NextDoor platform, the NFCCA website, and the printed Northwood News, so no matter what a resident’s comfort level with technology, everyone will be able to stay connected!

Our Nextdoor map shows participants.

Why does NFCCA need so many ways to communicate?  Good question.  Many neighborhoods and organizations use social media to reach community members, communicate with (or amplify communications with) local government, and follow news of interest to the community.  Our neighborhood is very diverse, and everyone uses different ways to keep in touch, so having options will increase our opportunities for connecting with each other.

The NFCCA Board has established three social media accounts:  two Facebook pages and one Twitter account.  You can find neighborhood happenings and news, or add your own news, on the new NFCCA Facebook page at (or go to Facebook and search for nfccamoco).  Neighbors who use the North Four Corners Park can follow and post at the Friends of North Four Corners Park Facebook page (at  And lastly, Twitter users can follow the NFCCA on Twitter by searching @NFCCAMoCo or going to, and can tag the @NFCCAMoCo account in their tweets.

The NFCCA Board has set up two Facebook accounts and a new Twitter account to help residents communicate among ourselves beyond the listserv and newsletter.

NFCCA Board members will administer these accounts, and invite all community members to follow the new pages or accounts, post, and interact with each other.  NFCCA members are encouraged to share information relevant to our neighborhood.  You can also tag the NFCCA in your own Facebook and Twitter posts to spread the word about the goings-on in our community.  While the NFCCA community begins to use social media, it may take some time to evolve, but we want to make sure that the welcoming community we enjoy in our neighborhood continues to our online community, so the new listserv guidelines will generally also apply to these social media accounts.

To celebrate our new social media presence, the NFCCA Board is hosting a virtual photo contest on our Facebook pages!  Neighborhood residents can enter the contest simply by posting one or more photos around the neighborhood or at the North Four Corners Park (located at 315 University Blvd., W.).  Simply post your photo to the NFCCA Facebook page or the Friends of North Four Corners Park Facebook page before noon on Wednesday, 11 October 2017, and you will be entered into a drawing.  The winners will be drawn at the next neighborhood meeting on 11 October at 7:30 p.m. at Forest Knolls Elementary School, 10830 Eastwood Avenue.  Winners will get a fun prize and a shout-out in the next Northwood News.   ■

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