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Northwood News ♦ April 2017

Input Needed for Planned NFCCA Bylaws Update

By Laura Hussey

NFCCA has a set of bylaws that are intended to govern how our neighborhood association is operated.  It has been quite a while since the bylaws were updated (no one on the current Board is sure exactly how long) and the bylaws no longer match the current practices or needs of the neighborhood.  For example, the boundaries of the neighborhood association changed when NFCCA voted to merge with the adjacent neighborhood association — at least a dozen years ago — yet the bylaws do not reflect this change that was voted on and approved by the members of both of the precursor organizations to the current NFCCA.

The Board proposes to take the following steps to update the bylaws so that NFCCA’s governing documents reflect the current practices and position NFCCA to serve the current and future needs of the neighborhood:

  1. at the April meeting, a discussion will be held of the general areas of changes that are proposed;
  2. the meeting minutes of the April meeting, reflecting in general the discussion, will be posted on the NFCCA website for those who do not attend;
  3. following the April meeting, the Board will prepare a final draft of revisions with the changes marked, and share this draft with the neighborhood through the Northwood News, NFCCA website, and via the listserv; and
  4. at the June meeting, a vote will be held to approve the revised bylaws.

Neighbors who are not able to attend NFCCA meetings but have questions or are interested in having input to this process are welcome to contact an NFCCA Board member.   ■

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