Stories from the NFCCA Newsletter, the “Northwood News”

Northwood News ♦ April 2017

Need to Clean Out Your Old Stuff?

By Jacquie Bokow

If you or someone you live with is a pack rat, you just could be hoarding valuable treasures.  They might not be worth any money, but local historians go nuts over this stuff.

If you have printed pamphlets describing the wonders of your house put together by its builder or flyers from local organizations, these could be wanted by the Montgomery County Historical Society.

It could be newsletters or event programs from Forest Knolls or Four Corners Elementary Schools, maps, or articles relating to local development.  Whatever you find, it’s sure to be of interest to those wacky historians who salivate over such finds.

If you have a pile of old issues of the Northwood News (before 2000), I’d like those myself so I can put them online before donating them to the MCHS.  Let me know (see contact info on page 2) what you’ve got and I’ll be glad to drop it at the Society.   ■

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