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Northwood News ♦ April 2009

Letter to the Editor

By Astrid Ingenlath-Diaz

Dear Editor:

Reading Stephanie Turner’s “Letter to the Editor” (page 8 in the February [2009] newsletter) irritated me because of its harsh and aggressive tone.  I remember Cait James’ article from last October [2008] and I am not taking anybody’s side.  I find both views valid and I agree, to an extent, with both.

However, my husband and I find it unnecessary and inappropriate to use such aggressive language towards a fellow neighbor.  Disagreements can be shared in a more diplomatic and less destructive manner.  Letters like Stephanie’s do not contribute to building a stronger sense of community but create tension within our neighborhood.

[Astrid Ingenlath-Diaz lives on Lorain Avenue.]   ■

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