Stories from the NFCCA Newsletter, the “Northwood News”

Northwood News ♦ April 2007

North Four Corners Park Update

By Carole Barth

I presented County Executive Leggett with a copy of NFCCA’s conceptual plan for the park at his budget forum and suggested to him that our plan would be more cost-effective than MNCPPC’s plan to spend $6 million on a soccer field.  On another occasion, I had an opportunity to talk briefly with Mary Bradford (Director of the Parks Dept. for MNCPPC) about their additional planning work for North Four Corners Park.  She told me she had directed staff to consider locating the proposed new soccer field closer to University Boulevard and building a nicely landscaped wall between the field and the existing park in order to minimize the field’s negative impacts on our community.

I reminded Ms. Bradford that our community’s opposition to their plan was only partly due to impacts from the new field.  I explained that residents also treasure the park’s rolling terrain, unprogrammed open space, and natural resources, such as the 175 year-old walnut tree.  I also said that there are security concerns due to the current lack of visibility caused by the unchecked growth of invasive vines.  I questioned whether a wall would simply exacerbate these concerns.   ■

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