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Northwood News ♦ April 2007

Montgomery County Code Addresses Trash, Trucks, Parking

By Jack Ralph

As good citizens, we bag our trash, put it into our trash cans, put our cans into the blue container, and put our papers into the large blue wheeled storage container.  We place them carefully put them on country property, next to the county tree, between our sidewalk and the gutter.

The trash collectors come along, empty the containers and leave them in the gutter, the driveway, or in the street, sometimes upside down.  A phone call to the county offices at 240.777.6410 will correct this inappropriate work for several months.  Then it is time to start again.

Tree Roots

The trees on county property between the sidewalk and the street will send roots under the ground and under the sidewalk, causing the sidewalk to raise at the section cracks, providing a possible location for tripping by walkers.

There is a telephone number extension at 240.777.1000 to call to request replacing the concrete sections (when the cold weather has passed) and to have the county send someone to hack or ax the roots which make it difficult to mow the lawn.  Remove of these roots will give you a lawn without bumps.  In time, the roots, if uncut,¬†will be under one’s house foundation.

Commercial Vehicles/Trucks

Persons who park their commercial vehicles and trucks are limited by the county to one commercial vehicle per household.  It is suggested that they attempt to park them in their driveway instead of against the curb, causing difficulty in driving on narrow streets.

Those with more than one commercial vehicle must seek permission from the county to park the extra vehicles.  To get more information, or to lodge a complaint about a truck, call 240.777.6259.

Parking Too Close to an Intersection

Parking closer than 25 feet from a Thru Stop Street, usually blocking vision, is illegal and can be reported to the non-emergency phone number of the police.  (See the box below for the exact code.)

3120(b)(3) No parking within 30 feet of a stop sign.
3117 No parking within 35 feet if there is no stop sign.
Regardless of what the truck or vehicle has printed on its side, it is the amount of weight (tare) that a truck can carry.  Any truck that can carry a ton or greater is a commercial vehicle.
3114 A commercial vehicle can be parked in one’s driveway.
3111 A commercial vehicle (one ton or more capacity), including a trailer, cannot be parked on the street.

Just trying to help.  If any of this bothers you, just make a phone call.   ■

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