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Northwood News ♦ June 2005

‘Traffic Calming’ or ‘Traffic Control’ for Hannes Street?

By Murray F. Scher

On Wednesday, May 4, I received two emails.  One was from Silver Spring Day School Executive Director Richelie Meer.

“I have always thought the intersection of the church parking lot, Hannes Street, and Edgewood Avenue is very dangerous,” wrote Meer.  “I have sent the email below to members of the Silver Spring Day School community.  We are happy to join your efforts in making sure that our neighborhood is as safe as it can be.”

The other email I received was from Elise Schloss, Director of the Young Israel Shomrai Emunah Nursery School.  She wrote, “We support any initiative that will help keep our children safe.”

I sent thank you letters to both schools.

I have delivered information and letters to the Principal at Forest Knolls Elementary School who said she would give it to the PTA and ask them to get in touch with me.  It has been over a month and I have not heard from them at all, even after a second reminder call to the Principal.

However, I felt we have waited too long.  So, on Thursday, May 5, I went to Montgomery County Traffic Control Department on Orchard Ridge Drive in Gaithersburg.

My folder contained a letter stating our goals (signs and bumps), a copy of my letter from the Northwod News (stating reasons why), your email letters to me, plus copies of two email letters in agreement from the two day care centers, and even several hand-written letters received in my mail box.

I spoke to a very nice county official, who listened and seemed to understand and appreciate our cause in a positive way.  She said she and her associates would review my documents and be back in touch with me.  I asked if I need to fill out an application.  She said the prepared documents and letters might be enough!  We will see, but I believe we have a beginning.  I will give them follow up call this coming week.

Basically, there are two ways Montgomery County will proceed, after making their surveys and studies:

  1. “Traffic Calming,” which may take several months to do and will not include speed bumps/lumps/humps but will include speed, stop, or yield signs as tests determine.

  2. “Traffic Control” includes speed bumps, etc., plus some of #1 as above and as tests may determine.  #2 will take several years to get on schedule for surveys, tests, and other required documents, meetings, etc.  This is due to the backlog of other previous requests that are still on their list.

I — and I hope you agree — have opted for #1.  At least, let’s get started now with something and see how it works or helps.  If you don’t agree, and I get enough neighbors saying to choose #2, I will go to the county and change our request.  If you would like to go with me, that would help a lot; we will need to make an appointment.

If we see #1, “Traffic Calming,” is not working, then the alternative would be to apply for #2, “Traffic Control,” with speed bumps/lumps/humps.  But remember, there is a two- to three-year waiting list!

In either case, our neighborhood will have a prior community meeting for questions and answers with a county representative before any work is begins.

There will be tests, surveys, and meetings, and maybe more letters needed.  Your suggestions, help, and advice are always welcome.  Thanks again.

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