Stories from the NFCCA Newsletter, the “Northwood News”

Northwood News ♦ June 2005

How Does Your Street Rank?

By Maggie Hawkins

Once again, the NFCCA has set a membership goal of 150 households (10 percent of the homes in our area).  Last year we just met this goal, so we would like to try to meet or exceed it this year.

So far, 108 households have supported our Association by paying membership dues.  That is in increase of over 20 households since the last newsletter.

NFCCA’s calendar (including dues payments) runs on the fiscal year calendar (October to October).  Currently we are in Fiscal Year 2005, which runs from October 1, 2004, through September 30, 2005.  This means that we begin collecting dues every September for the upcoming fiscal year.

Dues are used to help finance the newsletter, special flyers, Allied Civic Association dues, rental of the community center for meetings, tree plantings in the Northwest Branch park, and to match County grant dollars for such projects as the neighborhood sign.

Membership support varies from street to street.  Below is listed membership levels by street; NFCCA thanks those households for their support.

11 Households

     Hannes Street (104)

7 Households

     Edgewood Avenue (71)
     Lombardy Road (91)

6 Households

     Eastwood Avenue (53)

5 Households

     Eisner Street (32)
     Margate Road (50)
     Timberwood Avenue (25)

4 Households

     Caddington Avenue (83)
     Cavalier Drive (53)
     Glenwild Road (31)
     Lockridge Drive (31)
     Loxford Terrace (136)
     Malta Lane (45)
     Pinewood Avenue (13)
     Sutherland Road (31)

3 Households

     Belton Road (48)
     Dennis Avenue (43)
     Lorain Avenue (21)
     Southwood Avenue (20)
     Woodridge Avenue (13)

2 Households

     Kerwin Road (42)
     Mountain Quail Road (28)
     Snowy Owl Drive (23)

1 Household

     Chiswell Lane (39)
     Kinsman View Circle (85)
     Marvin Road (18)
     Northwood Avenue (14)
     Playford Lane (31)
     Royalton Road (31)
     Thistle Drive (23)
     University Blvd. W (48)

Numbers in parentheses are total homes on that street.  Dues can be paid by check or cash to Margaret Hawkins, Treasurer [contact details redacted].  Dues are $10 per household.   ■

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