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Neighborhood Wildlife

North Four Corners borders the Northwest Branch and its surrounding forest.  We tend to have lots of critters!  Cameras at some of the homes backing up to the river have captured some of the action.  Further below are links to many articles from our newsletter on wildlife, insects, and native plants.

Caught on Film!

  • Fox in Snow, January 2024
    Sharon Canavan, Edgewood Avenue
  • Deer Eating from Bird Feeder
    Jacquie Bokow, Cavalier Drive
  • Heron on the Northwest Branch
    Isabella Detwiler, Glenwild Road
  • Tracks in Snow, January 2022
    Jacquie Bokow, Cavalier Drive
    Use Animal Tracks Sheet to ID!
  • Bear on the Northwest Branch Trail
  • Fox in the Firepit
    Magalski Family, Northwood Avenue
  • Fox Two A.M. Visit (Part 2)
    Buckhout-White Family, Lombardy Road
    Look out for Gordon the cat!
  • Fox Two A.M. Visit (Part 1)
    Buckhout-White Family, Lombardy Road
  • Fawn Tries to Break In
    Detwiler Family, Glenwild Road
  • Curious Deer
    Goldstein Family, Loxford Terrace
  • Little Foxes
    Goldstein Family, Loxford Terrace

Get outside and enjoy the bounty our neighborhood offers!