Our Snow Angels Program

In December 2016, NFCCA began a “Snow Angels” Program for our neighborhood.  A Snow Angels Program pairs volunteers with elderly or physically disabled residents to assist with snow removal from walkways, steps, sidewalks, and driveways.  Removing snow from sidewalks and driveways can be a challenge for many residents, especially after large storms.  Shoveling snow also can be a health risk for many.

Our current (and first!) volunteer coordinator is Evan Horne on Snowy Owl Drive.  We are working to get this program organized.  Please call (301.335.1336) or email (snowangel AT nfcca DOT org) Evan to volunteer to shovel or if you need someone to shovel for you.  Further information about the program will appear on this page as organizational details are worked out.

PLEASE NOTE:  This program is open ONLY to residents of NFCCA territory.

Sawyer Denison, Playford Lane, 404.754.7973

Other Snow Removal Services

Neighbors, let’s help each other!