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Is Serving Your Community on the NFCCA Board in Your Future?

Your civic association cannot function without the individuals in our neighborhood who volunteer their time and energy to represent us at numerous County meetings and hearings, give testimony, stay abreast of actions by local entities that affect us.  Perhaps it’s time you got involved?

The first order of business at every October members’ meeting (usually the second Wednesday in October) is to elect a new board.  In addition to presenting a slate of candidates, we ask for nominations from the floor.  It’s good to get new people onto the Board because everyone brings a fresh perspective and a unique skill set.

The Board meets five times a year (September, November, January, March, and May) in one of the Board members’ homes.  At these meetings, we discuss any issues we expect to come up at the next members’ meeting and plan articles for the upcoming newsletter.  (Being on the Board does not mean you are required to write articles!)

The Board also functions as an executive committee, responding to issues that come up in between members’ meetings.  This is an important function, because we often have a very short window for input into governmental decisions.

In general, we look to board members to contribute the occasional article — or idea for one — to the newsletter and help with association events and activities.  Often Board members chose to focus on a particular issue or project.  Board members also help by recruiting additional volunteers.  We are all volunteers, so it’s understood that we do what we can in the context of very full lives.

In addition, the officers have the following duties:

Finally, as a Board member, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve made a tangible contribution to your community’s well-being.  We all treasure living here, and we owe much to those who have worked hard over the decades to preserve and enhance our neighborhood.  So, is this the year you step up and take a turn at the wheel?

If you are interested in serving on the Board, please speak up at the October meeting (before the vote!) or, before the meeting, contact the Board at nfccassmd at gmail dot com.   ■