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North Four Corners News 2023–2024 Rate Card

Please note that, with the December 2022 issue, the name of our newsletter changed from “Northwood News” to “North Four Corners News.”
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Ad rates for 2023–2024 (fiscal year October 2023 to September 2024) for the North Four Corners News, the newsletter of the Northwood-Four Corners Civic Association, remain the same as last year.  Because the unchanged rates remain so low, there is no discount for purchasing multiple ads.

Business Card Ads are printed 10 percent smaller than the usual 3.5"×2" business card (we’ll take care of shrinking it to fit).  If you cannot send it to us digitally, we can scan in your existing business card to make sure it looks great.  You also have the option of making your ad that size (versus scanning an actual business card); we can also create an ad for you in that size.

All ads contain a hyperlink to your business’ website on the full-color, online version of the newsletter.  Because of this, we recommend that you send us your ad in color.

With an ad in the News, you can reach every one of the ~1,600 households in the North Four Corners area (~1,485 single-family homes and 121 senior apartments at The Oaks).  That means a full-page ad costs roughly 10 cents per home!  We defy you to find a better deal anywhere!  The News is hand-delivered to each home at the beginning of October, December, February, April, and June, when our membership meetings are held.  Please keep this in mind when including coupons in your ad; we recommend including an expiration date at least two months past the issue date.


Number of Issues 1 2 3 4 5
Full-Page Ad $150 $300 $450 $600 $750
Half-Page Ad $75 $150 $225 $300 $375
Single Column Ad $50 $100 $150 $200 $250
Business Card Ad $30 $60 $90 $120 $150

Full payment for an ad must be received before it will be printed.  Pay online below or, if paying by check, make them payable to “NFCCA.”  No political or issue ads will be accepted under any circumstances.  Camera-ready art (unless for scanning) is not accepted.

There are now four ad sizes.  PDF versions of the newsletter appear on this website about the time the membership meeting is held.  Any ad with color elements will appear in color online; the printed newsletter is black-and-white only.

Ad Dimensions

Full-Page Ad 6.5" wide, 9.5" high
Half-Page Ad 6.5" wide, 4.5" high
Single Column Ad 2.0" wide, 4.5" high
Business Card Ad 3.15" wide, 1.8" high

High-resolution PDF versions of ads are preferred and may be sent via eMail to the editor.  Graphics you send for an ad that we lay out can be JPG, PDF, TIF, EPS, BMP, or GIF if at 300 ppi resolution.  (JPGs and GIFs can be as low as 72 ppi if their dimensions are a minimum of three times the final printed size.)  If you aren’t sure if your graphic will work, our editor can check that for you.  Ads sent on DVDs or CDs must be PC-compatible.  Flash drives also may be used and will be returned to you upon request.

Ads also may be prepared in an Adobe InDesign or PageMaker file; please include copies of all graphics used (these are required by the printer).  We also can lay out an ad for you if you send text (and art work if you have it, see above), or we can create one for you; there is no charge for this service.


Ad text and/or artwork — as well as payment — must be received by the editor by the following deadlines for inclusion in the appropriate issue.

Issue Ad Deadline Distribution Date**
October 15 September 1 October
December 15 November 1 December
February 15 January 1 February
April 15 March 1 April
June 15 May 1 June

**Distribution date is approximate, but all issues should be delivered no later than the second Wednesday of the month (the date of the NFCCA meeting), so please keep that in mind if you’re planning a seasonal or time-sensitive ad, coupon, or event.  Both ad and payment must be received by the deadline listed above or it will not be included.

Ad Payment

Either pay online (below) or by check.  Checks should be made payable to “NFCCA” (not to the editor) and mailed or delivered to the editor by the deadline mentioned above.

One-Time, One-Ad Payment

  This form allows payment for only one ad.  To pay for more than one ad at a time, choose a link below.
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Business Card Ads

To place or discuss an ad, please contact:
Ms. Jacquie Bokow | Editor, North Four Corners News
10603 Cavalier Drive | Silver Spring, MD  20901
301.593.8566 (LL, no texts) | editor AT nfcca DOT org