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North Four Corners News ♦ April 2024

Planning Staff Speak on University Boulevard Corridor Plan Next Meeting

By Sharon Canavan

At the upcoming 10 April NFCCA meeting, we will hear from Montgomery Planning Department staff about their recommendations for the University Boulevard Corridor Plan (UBCP).  The UBCP plan will ultimately guide future development near the NFCCA community.  We expect the UBCP recommendations will align with Montgomery Thrive 2050, which was adopted last year.  A fundamental element under Montgomery Thrive 2050 is concentrating future growth along transit corridors, such as University Boulevard.

Decisions made during the UBCP planning effort will ultimately affect decisions regarding land use and zoning (including allowing denser multifamily housing) and transportation infrastructure (pedestrian/bike/BRT, etc.).  The County Council recently adopted a zoning change to reduce parking requirements on newly developed housing near specific public transportation stations (see related story here).

The Planning agency will also make recommendations affecting environmental assets, community/public facilities, and parks and open spaces.  Before final adoption of UBCP recommendations, there are several further steps:  (1) Planning Board Review, (2) County Executive Review, and (3) County Council Review and Approval.

This is a good opportunity to hear what the planners have in mind for the Four Corners area and to ask questions about the UBCP recommendations.   ■

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