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North Four Corners News ♦ February 2024

Dance School in the Neighborhood

By Frances Spiegel

Don’t be confused by its name.  P.O.M. Squad (Positive Outcome Mentoring and Dance), located upstairs at 10126 Colesville Road, is a dance school.  Owner and founder Latasha Casey, a former NFL cheerleader with a B.A. in Dance, founded the school ten years ago seeking to provide a positive environment for students to learn dance.

Growing from an after school program at a local elementary school, P.O.M. offers dance classes for toddlers through teens, a performance team, a competition team, as well as full-day and half-day summer camp.  Officially, the classes start at age three with a preschool fusion class called “pombo,” a mix of jazz and ballet; however, P.O.M. will take students as young as two years old if they are able to participate.

Latasha Casey at her dance school.

Casey admits that the dance school’s name does sometimes create confusion.  This is not a cheerleading organization and, while pre-pandemic there was a more formal mentoring aspect to the program, currently the main focus of the studio is dance instruction.  Positivity continues to be a cornerstone of the school’s instructional philosophy.  Casey takes high-school-aged dancers to visit college dance programs and positive affirmations are integrated into the classes.

P.O.M. took over the upstairs area on Colesville Road near the Pub in October 2021, after the space was vacated by the ballet school that was there for many years.  There are two large dance studios in the suite, as well as a waiting room for parents.  P.O.M. offers free trial classes for new students.  Reach out to P.O.M. at

[Spiegel has lived on Margate Road 8½ years and grew up in Four Corners.]   ■

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