Stories from the NFCCA Newsletter, the “North Four Corners News”

North Four Corners News ♦ December 2023

Wazzup in the Neighborhood

By Sharon Canavan

NFCCA is planning a number of events in the upcoming year:

We post information about events on our website,  When there is enough prior notice, a newsletter story highlights an event.  You can also find us on Facebook by searching for NFCCAMoCo where information is posted about upcoming community activities, so an event can show up in your feed.

Events are posted to the NFCCA calendar in the listserv.  On the tools bar at the left of the screen (shown at right), select Calendar to see upcoming events.  Click on an event date if you wish to save it to your smartphone, then choose the Download Event at the top, so you can open or save the iCalendar (ICS) file to the calendar on your personal device.

If your street is hosting a block party or other event and you want to notify the neighborhood, contact president AT nfcca DOT org to have your event added to the listserv calendar.

Details on how to access and use the NFCCA Calendar is on pages 21–22 of the “How to Use the Listserv” PowerPoint [7 June 2023] under “Meetings and Presentations” on our website.


Currently, two sub-groups — Northwood Bicycle Club and Northwood Garden Club — share information and details about events related to their interests.  To sign up to join a subgroup, tap on Groups at the top of the menu bar, then select a subgroup and its homepage will pop up with instructions on how to join the subgroup.  Although you must be a member of the NFCCA listserv to join one of the subgroups, if you want to limit emails you can find out how to do this by consulting the “How to Use the Listserv” PowerPoint referenced above.

New subgroups for participants to share special interests or as a discussion forum for particular ideas can be set up; contact president AT nfcca DOT org.  All we ask is that someone must step up to take responsibility as “owner” of the subgroup and act as moderator for its discussions.

Keep an eye out for NFCCA’s upcoming 2024 events and join in.  Hope this information helps you stay up-to-date and engaged!   ■

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