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North Four Corners News ♦ December 2023

2024 is an Election Year

By Jacquie Bokow

Yes, elections are happening next year.  The Montgomery County Board of Elections is always in need of volunteers.  Working at the elections is fun and rewarding — and you get paid!  People who speak Spanish are particularly needed.

Working the Upcoming Elections

Recruitment of Election Workers for the 2024 election cycle begins in January.  All former volunteers will be contacted at that time via email.  If you’d like to sign up to serve as an Election Worker, visit or call Recruiter Deborah Hamer at 240.777.8571.  In-person training for the Primary Election begins 12 February 2024, so don’t wait to sign up.  You get paid for both in-person training and the actual election day.  (The sooner you sign up, the more likely you can get a spot at local classes at Wheaton Public Library or other nearby locations instead of having to go to BOE HQ in Gaithersburg.)



Since our neighborhood and county are heavily Democratic, workers affiliated with other political parties (or unaffiliated) are needed, so please consider volunteering if you are registered as a Republican or a member of some other party, or unaffiliated.

Higher Pay Begins Next Year

New Election Worker pay rates for the service stipend will begin with the 2024 Election Cycle.  Most full-day positions — for example, Voter Operations worker (VOP), Provisional worker (VOP-P), or Same-Day Registration worker (SDR) — can earn $250 for their service plus $50 for training.  Additionally, returning Election Workers who previously served at a polling place during early voting or Election Day will earn $100 extra each full day of service during early voting and/or election day in the 2024 election cycle.  For more information on position requirements, duties, and service hours, visit the link below:
Election Day Job Descriptions

Temporary Work at BOE

If you are interested in temporary employment with the Board of Elections for the 2024 Elections, the job announcement for Election Aide II (Grade 10) has been posted on the Montgomery County Government Human Resource website.  You must submit your application directly through the county’s website.  Follow these instructions below to apply:

The Election Aide II positions at BOE fill a variety of roles to assist in the election planning and preparation process.  Most positions require 40 hours or more.  They have vacancies in the following areas:

Only looking for full-time work? Filling a temp position will not only give you an idea of what to expect and let you meet future coworkers but also give you a foot in the door.

[Check the website later for list of candidates, polling places, dates, etc.]   ■

Upcoming Elections
Thursday, 2 May 2024 through Thursday, 9 May 2024:
     Primary Election Early Voting
Tuesday, 14 May 2024:
     2024 Presidential Primary Election
Thursday, 24 October 2024 through Thursday, 31 October 2024:
     General Election Early Voting
Tuesday, 5 November 2024:
     2024 Presidential General Election

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