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North Four Corners News ♦ October 2023

NFCCA Halloween Decoration Contest

By Sharon Canavan

It’s been a few years since NFCCA held a Halloween Decoration contest and this October we want to try a new approach.  Entering is easy.  All it takes is (1) snapping a picture of your decorations and (2) posting your entry on Facebook (okay, okay‚ĶMeta) as a comment under the Halloween Decoration Contest photo on the NFCCA Facebook page (link below).  If you are not a Facebook user, simply email your photo to halloween at and it will be posted for you.  Photos must be posted by the 29th of October.

There are three categories for this contest:

How will we choose the winners? This NFCCA contest requires audience participation! The photos with the most “reactions” in each category will be the three winners (in case there is any confusion, the contest judges will determine which category a photo fits in, but, theoretically, this should be obvious).  Please “vote” only once in each category (Spookiest, Fall Festival, Best Jack-o’-Lantern) for a total of three votes per household.   ■

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