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North Four Corners News ♦ June 2023

‘Project Porchlight’ Coming to North Four Corners

By Larissa Johnson, Residential Energy Program Manager, MCDEP

Did you know lighting accounts for around 12 percent of an average home’s electricity use?  By switching to LED [light-emitting diode] bulbs, you can save about $225 in energy costs per year!  The porch is often the entryway into your home, the first point of contact for you to start using less energy.  To help lower your energy cost, the Montgomery Energy Connection program is excited to bring Project Porchlight to the NFCCA neighborhood.

Trained Energy Ambassadors will be going door-to-door offering to swap old incandescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) light bulbs and install new LED bulbs over three weekends in June and July — the weekends of 17–18 and 24–25 June and 8–9 July.  If you are not home, Project Porchlight information about how to make the switch will be left behind.

Also, if you have any CFL bulbs in your home that you would like to dispose of correctly, please have them ready so we can collect and recycle them for you.  You can receive one LED light bulb in exchange for three CFL bulbs.

More information about the programs offered by Montgomery Energy Connection [see link below].  This is a program operated by the Energy, Climate, and Compliance Division of the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection.   ■

Recycling CFLs MoCo Connection

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