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North Four Corners News ♦ April 2023

A Pictoral Essay

Invasive Vines Removed Along Lockridge Drive Creek

By Corinne Stephens

Forty-eight volunteers worked together to cut ‘windows’ in nonnative, invasive vines on approximately 60 trees along Lockridge Drive on 26 Feb.  A lot of trash was picked up, too.
Neighbors, thank you for coming out to help beautify our neighborhood on Sunday, 26 February.  It was fun meeting everyone in person.  I’m blown away that 48 volunteers worked together to cut windows in non-native, invasive vines from approximately 60 trees.  We picked up a lot of trash as well.  Yeah!!!!  It was such a successful event and I could not have done it without all of you.  The trees really look wonderful and I look forward to seeing some brown vines in the spring.

Corinne Stephens (Thistle) advises volunteers during orientation to ‘cut as low as you can’ before trimming invasive vines.

Special thanks to Jen and Ema for help coordinating.  And thank you Robin, Ema, and Cait for the delightful treats.  Thank you to everyone who dragged home debris for county pickup.  I appreciate all of you and look forward to another successful event in the future. Cheers and Go Team!

[Click on any photo to see a larger image.  Stephens lives on Thistle Drive.]   ■

The crew at work along the length of Lockridge Drive creek.

Ready to get to work!

Volunteer at a windowed tree.

When grabbing trash, youth can be a definite asset!

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