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Northwood News ♦ October 2022

Join NFCCA’s Newly Forming Neighborhood Traffic Committee

Are you concerned about speeding vehicles on your street?  Do you want speed humps installed to slow traffic on our neighborhood streets?  Or, perhaps, you’d like to see a traffic circle, bump-out, or other traffic control devices installed to maintain safe streets in our community.

Requests for speed humps and other residential traffic calming measures are initiated by a letter from the local citizens association (that is, NFCCA) to the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (DOT), Division of Traffic Engineering.  Before such a written request is submitted, NFCCA wants to form a Neighborhood Traffic Committee — representing residents from a cross section of streets in our community — to study the need for speed humps or other traffic calming measures on specific streets, or parts of streets, in the NFCCA area, as well as the process for NFCCA to successfully present a request for traffic calming devices on particular streets.

If you want to take action to enhance neighborhood traffic safety, then join with your neighbors to form an NFCCA Neighborhood Traffic Committee to develop recommendations for the installation of speed humps and/or other residential traffic controls on specific streets in our community.

To volunteer for the Neighborhood Traffic Committee, please come to the NFCCA’s 12 October 2022 meeting or email Linda Perlman [contact details redacted] or contact any NFCCA Board member.   ■

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