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Northwood News ♦ October 2022

National Night Out Celebrated on Tuesday, 2 August

By Julie Whitcomb

NFCCA sponsored National Night Out (NNO) on Tuesday evening, August 2, 2022.  The free event was held at Forest Knolls Swimming Pool.

Cherry sno-cones!  Yummy!  (He could have chosen grape or ‘tiger’s blood,’ too.)

Event organizers Sharon Canavan and Julie Whitcomb were happy it was a warm and clear summer evening.  Over 100 neighbors attended NNO.  Everyone enjoyed swimming, chatting with friends, meeting new people, ordering dinner from Shouk food truck, listening and dancing to live music of the classic rock band, “Philip and Flatheads,” winning treats from the pool snack bar with raffle tickets, and devouring delicious sno-cones!

‘Sno-cone lady’ Sharon Canavan became adept at meeting the ever-increasing demand.

Local politicians and candidates who attended NNO included Charlotte Crutchfield, Will Jawanda, Laurie-Anne Sayles, Sarah Wolf, Legislative Director for Tom Hucker, and staff from Bonnie Cullison’s office.

Once word got out, the line for free sno-cones ballooned!

Special Thanks to Jen Ritchotte, President of Forest Knolls Pool, for all of her help before and during NNO; Walter Medrano, for loaning his sno-cone machine and making sno-cones during the especially busy times; Jacquie Bokow, for finding and hiring the great band; Sondra Katz, Robin Loube, Ema Perez, and John Prochilo for greeting people, handing out raffle tickets, moving tables and chairs, helping to make sno-cones, and taking photos; Julie Whitcomb, for running the raffle for treats from the pool snack bar; Sharon Canavan, the Sno-Cone Lady, for making sno-cones for happy kids and adults and working tirelessly during the evening; and the awesome Lifeguard Staff for helping set up and clean up while we all disrupted their routine!

Special thanks to neighbor Walter Medrano, center, who once again allowed us to use his sno-cone machine, which was the star attraction!

Thank you to everyone who came to NNO! See you Tuesday, 1 August 2023!   ■

Kids gather as members of the band ‘Phillip and the Flatheads’ took turns calling out raffle numbers for free ice cream treats.

You didn’t have to be a member of Forest Knolls Pool to enjoy a dip at National Night Out.

‘Phillip and the Flatheads’ played great classic rock that everyone enjoyed.  Click on the photo to download a 30-second clip of their mellow music.

All ages found something to enjoy at National Night Out!  Hope to see you next time!

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