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Northwood News ♦ June 2022

26-Plus Homes at First Neighborhood Yard Sale

Our first Neighborhood Yard Sale was held on Saturday, 14 May, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  Twenty-six households throughout the North Four Corners neighborhood participated.

Ina was selling his toys and games at his yard sale on Caddington Avenue.

People displayed all their items in driveways and on the front lawns.  Some set up canopies and spread out blankets to showcase their wares.  Others used laundry baskets, bookshelves, clothes racks, tables, and boxes to hold their merchandise for sale.

Mom Jess and baby Violet shopping the yard sales together.

Neighbors walked or drove from house to house checking out all the yard sales and chatting with other neighbors.  The rain stayed away except for a light mist early in the morning.  Everyone seemed to enjoy being outside, shopping, strolling, and talking with neighbors, some they have not seen in a while.

This yard on Chiswell Lane saw plenty of buyers stop by.

Yard Sale participants made from $30 to over $600 in sales!  Some great bargains were found.  Many people had free stuff to give away.  Children really enjoyed looking through bins or boxes for a special free item!

A satisfied customer on her new chaise lounger she just bought at the yard sale!

Most of the participants plan to donate their unsold merchandise.  There are many local charity organizations that accept donations.  Some neighbors have already scheduled a pick-up, while others will be dropping off their items.

Another happy shopper in the neighborhood was thrilled with her yard sale purchases.

The Neighborhood Yard Sale was sponsored by NFCCA.  It was organized by Karen Donnelly and Julie Whitcomb.  They hope to make it an annual event.  See you at the next yard sale!   ■

Neighbors from Cavalier Drive and Chiswell Lane were able to walk to many of the yard sales.

Maria, Laura, and Elena working at their yard sale.

Shopping at the yard sale with maps and lists in hand!

Organizers Karen Donnelly and Julie Whitcomb take a break after the sale is over.

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