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Northwood News ♦ June 2022

NFCCA Dues Are Lagging, But You Can Help

By Sharon Canavan

Do you enjoy this newsletter?  If you wish to continue having the Northwood News delivered to your home, then please pay your $10 annual civic association dues.  If you have a local business, consider advertising in the Northwood News.  You also can help by reaching out to encourage your neighbors, especially the newcomers, to join our civic association, the NFCCA.

NFCCA’s main annual expenditure is for printing the Northwood News, but inflation is taking its toll on our printing expenses this year!  Last year, despite efforts to attract additional paying advertisers, the newsletter lost money and is expected to do so again in 2022.  Jacquie Bokow, the newsletter editor, and our Board members often hear compliments about the quality and newsworthiness of our neighborhood newsletter.  If our expenses continue to exceed our income, then we would be forced to implement measures such as increasing the annual NFCCA dues, cutting newsletter production to fewer issues a year, or publishing the Northwood News online-only.

NFCCA Board members are also trying to put together more social events.  Last fall, NFCCA sponsored two Halloween contests, earlier this spring we had a Family Bike Ride with over 60 participants, in mid-May we hosted both a Neighborhood Yard Sale and a Northwood Garden Club plant swap.  In August we are looking forward to National Night Out at the Forest Knolls Pool (see page 15).  These activities don’t cost a lot, but there are expenses to publicize and host these social events.  We’ve had fun planning these events and hope you have enjoyed participating.  We would hate to be forced to cut back on social gatherings for budgetary reasons, because that is what a community is about.

So, how can you help?  Dues are only $10 per household — not individual — per year.  (There is an additional $1 service fee, to offset costs, if you choose to pay your dues online.)  We offer several convenient ways to pay your NFCCA dues:

If you are unsure whether you’re up to date on your dues, NFCCA has an online tool to check your NFCCA membership status at the link below.   ■

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