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Northwood News ♦ February 2022

Community Public Services

Did You Know?  Services Available in the Community

By Melissa E. Ferguson

Greetings, neighbors!  This new column is for sharing public services and information that may be of interest.  Some of these announcements have been shared on the listserv (, but not everyone joins the listserv and information is power.  Please feel free to share information that may assist people you know.

Thanks for reading and sharing these announcements for the health, safety, and betterment of our community.  Until next time, wishing you patience and kindness in these trying times.

[Melissa E. Ferguson is an expert in grants, contracts, and project management; nonprofit and government partnership; and equitable access to health care and social services.  She has lived in North Four Corners since 2013 and Montgomery County since 1996.  She is also a gardener and an aspiring novelist.]   ■

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