Stories from the NFCCA Newsletter, the “Northwood News”

Northwood News ♦ December 2021

President’s Message

By Linda Perlman

At the October NFCCA meeting, I was reelected as president for the 2021–2022 year.  Thank you to our Board members and volunteers for their service during the preceding year.  I would also like to introduce our Board of Directors members, who include two new Board members.  Julie Whitcomb (vice president), Sondra Katz (treasurer), Sharon Canavan (secretary), and Robin Loube (at-large) were reelected to another term.  Ed Levy moves on the Board to immediate past president.  The two new members of the NFCCA Board of Directors are Mario “Ema” Perez of Margate Road and John Prochilo of Southwood Avenue.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the October NFCCA meeting was conducted remotely, via Zoom.  The 8 December NFCCA meeting also will be an online Zoom meeting.  The Zoom meeting information will be posted on the NFCCA website (, listserv (, and NextDoor/Northwood-Four Corners.

Our October 2021 meeting featured a presentation and question-and-answer session with Wade Holland, Montgomery County Coordinator of the Vision Zero program.  Vision Zero is a County plan dedicated to eliminating traffic-related fatalities and to improving safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers.

For the second year, neighborhood volunteers joined together to give the children in our neighborhood a fun, socially distant Halloween.  The Halloween committee promoted outdoor trick-or-treating, allowing residents to safely distribute treats to children without contact.  The NFCCA also sponsored community Halloween contests, including pet costume and house decorating contests.  Photos of the Halloween contest winning entries appear in this newsletter (see story here).  Thanks to the neighborhood Halloween committee for a lively Halloween celebration.

By the time you read this message, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah will both be over.  Sunset now occurs around 5:00 p.m.  I do not like the early darkness and wish that Daylight Savings Time was year-round.  But December also brings holiday lights and my favorite light show — the Garden of Lights at Brookside Gardens — has returned after a year’s absence due to COVID-19 (see story here).

Cold weather has forced many outdoor activities inside, although some restaurants are still attempting to make outside dining warm with propane heaters and fire pits.  Much of daily life has returned to a semblance of normality, but masks, vaccine booster shots, testing, and quarantines, as well as periodic breakthroughs of COVID variants, will be with us for the foreseeable future.  As Hill Street Blues’ Sgt. Phil Esterhaus would say, “Let’s be careful out there.”   ■

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