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Northwood News ♦ October 2021

Bridge on Dennis Avenue to be Replaced in 2022

By Jacquie Bokow

If you drive south on Dennis Avenue to get to Georgia Avenue, you’ll have to detour five miles into Wheaton next summer.  The bridge on Dennis Avenue (on the other side of University Blvd., just four blocks this side of Georgia Avenue) which takes traffic over the Wheaton Branch will be replaced; the bridge closure is scheduled to coincide with school summer break, although the flood mitigation won’t finish until winter.  Part of the project is flood mitigation for the stream (see photos below).

The width of the two lanes, now 15', would be narrowed to 11', but the shoulder would be widened to 5' to allow bicycle traffic and the sidewalks widened considerably, too.

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The existing bridge, left, will be replaced (at right) to prevent flooding of the Wheaton Branch.  [Note:  Click on photo to see larger image.]

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