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Northwood News ♦ June 2021

Home Tree Care 101 Workshop

By Julie Whitcomb

Under the blazing sun and 90° temperatures with zillions of cicadas crawling and flying around, a group of North Four Corners residents learned about caring for our neighborhood trees.  On Saturday, 22 May, Caren Madsen, Chair of the Board of Directors for Conservation Montgomery, and Andre Ovalle, ISA Certified Arborist (pictured), demonstrated how to trim trees, which branches to cut, how to spot fungus, what to do about peeling bark on tree trunks (Peel it off; there is live tissue underneath!), pruning trees, and how much mulch to use.

Ovalle spoke about the most common problems of caring for trees.  Madsen emphasized wearing garden gloves, protective eye wear, and closed toe shoes when working around trees and climbing ladders.  They reminded everyone to make sure your tree cutters are licensed and registered; do not let anyone who just knocks at your door start sawing!

It was a great class and everyone learned something new about taking care of our neighborhood trees.  A second Home Tree Care 101 Class may be held in the fall; learn more at   ■

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