Stories from the NFCCA Newsletter, the “Northwood News”

Northwood News ♦ February 2021

Shots at Night

By Jacquie Bokow

Park Police sharpshooters will be culling deer in the Northwest Branch Stream Valley Park (the northeastern border of our neighborhood) this month and next.  Parks and trails will be closed February 1 to March 31 from sunset to sunrise from Monday through Friday.

This annual hunting is conducted at night while the parks are closed to the public anyway.  Deer are removed “safely, humanely, and discreetly.”  The meat from all deer harvested through Park Police Sharpshooting operations is donated to the Capital Area Food Bank for distribution to the region’s charitable organizations throughout the surrounding area.  To date, the Montgomery County Parks Department has donated more than 330,000 pounds of venison (1,320,000 servings) to those in need.   ■

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