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Northwood News ♦ February 2021

‘Woodmoor Eats’ on FB Brings Food Trucks to Area

By Linda S. Perlman

Trying to figure out what to make for dinner or brunch?  Tired of your own cooking?  Our neighbors in Woodmoor may have an answer to your dilemma.

As restaurants in the Washington, D.C., area continue to be hard hit by COVID-19 and have limited or no in-restaurant dining options, Woodmoor resident Kyley Nameckay McGeeney has arranged for food trucks and take-out restaurant orders to be delivered to the Woodmoor neighborhood.

Woodmoor residents gather outside a food truck at Pine Crest Elementary School to pick up the food they’ve ordered.  This could happen in our neighborhood, too, if there is interest.

The “Woodmoor Eats” Facebook group was created by McGeeney to publicize and keep track of the various food trucks, restaurant deliveries, cocktail and wine deliveries, and other food events scheduled for the Woodmoor neighborhood.  Most days, there are at least two food trucks and/or restaurants delivering food — and sometimes wine and cocktails — to Woodmoor customers who have pre-ordered online.  The daily and weekly food offerings, along with menu and Woodmoor-specific order links, order deadlines, and delivery places and times are posted on the Woodmoor Eats Facebook group and other social media.

There are food vendors almost every day.  A typical Woodmoor Eats week might start with bagels and schmear from Call Your Mother for breakfast on Monday; Sweet Green salad for lunch on Tuesday; Little Miner tacos and Your Only Friend sandwiches and cocktails on Thursday; Rasa Indian fast casual and Nick’s Fish House seafood for dinner on Friday; Makan (Malaysian) and Lucky Danger (Chinese) pop-up restaurants on Saturday; and Astro Donuts and Fried Chicken food trucks for Sunday brunch.

Most restaurant deliveries and food trucks come to Pine Crest Elementary School (201 Woodmoor Dr., Silver Spring, Md.), unless it is Friday, when food trucks park at Saint Bernadette Catholic Church and School (70 University Blvd. E., Silver Spring, Md.).  Orders must be placed beforehand, but some food trucks and restaurants allow walk-up customers.  Orders include a small fee or requested donation for the Woodmoor-Pinecrest Citizen’s Association or for St. Bernadette’s School.

Woodmont Eats organizer McGeeney selects and coordinates the vendors for Woodmoor Eats events.  McGeeney, who previously blogged about her experiences eating at all the Michelin-rated restaurants in the Washington, D.C., area, also sponsors the Woodmoor Supper Club, a series of chef-prepared dinners for up to 40 guests — held outdoors and socially distanced — at McGeeney’s home.

Northwood-Four Corners residents are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of Woodmoor Eats’ food truck and restaurant offerings.  If there is sufficient interest and a local organizer, McGeeney said that she would help arrange for food vendors to come to our neighborhood as well as to the Woodmoor neighborhood.  If you are interested in helping to organize this for our neighborhood, contact the NFCCA President (see contact details here).

[Perlman, current president of the NFCCA, lives on Caddington Avenue.]   ■

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