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Northwood News ♦ December 2020

First House Decorating, Pet Costume Contests Huge Success

Halloween House Decoration Contest Winners

This Halloween, NFCCA celebrated the first annual House Decorating and Pet Costume Contests.  Initially created to make the holiday more festive despite COVID restrictions, the contests drew more than 30 participants for the House Decorating Contest and another 25 entries for the Pet Costume Contest.

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Spookiest:  1118 Chiswell Lane
Volunteer judges from the neighborhood — mostly families with young children — determined the winners of the House Decorating Contest.  Those winners were:

Pet Costume Contest First Place winner was Cimba the Cheerleader (Glenwild Road)
Pet Costume Contest winners were determined by what pet had the most reactions on Facebook.  The winners were:

Most Creative:  10819 Margate Road
Winners in the House Decorating Contest each received a $25 gift card to Red Maple Restaurant, a sign in their yard for a week displaying their victory, as well as bragging rights for the year.  Pet Contest winners each received a $15 gift card and a bag of pet goods compliments of Loyal Companion, the pet store located in the Burnt Mills Shopping Center.

Kid’s Choice:  10516 Edgewood Avenue  
Thank you to everyone who participated in the contests, and a special thanks to all our judges who took the time to go through the entries and vote.

In addition, the neighborhood pulled off a successful socially distanced Halloween, with participants using tables and goody bags strategically played in their yards, and even candy shoots, to distribute treats to thankful trick-or-treaters.  In the strangest of times; it was a loveliest of evenings.  Thank you to those who made the holiday safe and memorable!

Fall Festival:  10601 Cavalier Drive
The NFCCA Halloween Working Group, which began meeting in August to work out logistics for what a socially distanced Halloween would look like, helped provide guidelines for trick-or-treaters and treat-givers, as well as brainstormed and ran the two contests.  Members included:  Sharon Canavan, Jennifer Cox, Miranda Hovemeyer, S. Xiah Kragie, Jen Larsen, Emily Schifrin, and Kate Waybright.  The group is collecting lessons-learned and looking to coordinate activities again for next year.  Please email NFCCAHalloween at gmail dot com to volunteer or share your suggestions.

Best Jack-o-Lantern:  413 Belton Road
Gift cards and signs were made available by the NFCCA Board through neighborhood dues.  If you would like to support events like this in the future, consider submitting your dues through the NFCCA website on the “Join Us” link.  Dues are $10 per household.

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