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Northwood News ♦ October 2020

Chalk Sidewalk Art Enlivens, Enchants Chiswell Lane

By Julie Whitcomb

Have you noticed drawings of your favorite animated characters on a neighborhood sidewalk recently?  Neighborhood resident Jean Hickey started drawing the chalk sidewalk art as COVID-19 restrictions began.  She wanted to create something fun for children and adults to enjoy as they walk outside.  The artwork always includes some interactive elements like an obstacle course and a balance beam.  Can you find them?

Each drawing has a different theme and has included Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, Pokemon, Frozen, and Back to School. 

It takes Jean about an hour to draw her sidewalk art and she tries to touch up the drawings once a day.  Depending on the rain, a theme may be on display for a few days or over a week.

Creating and drawing the sidewalk art was “the perfect diversion for me when COVID hit and still is,” Jean said.  She loves that neighborhood children and adults are writing requests for their favorite characters using the chalk she leaves outside for them.

You can find the latest sidewalk art by walking to the intersection of Caddington Avenue and Chiswell Lane.  When you stop by, take a lap through the obstacle course, balance on the balance beam, and enjoy the art!   ■

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