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Northwood News ♦ June 2020

Positive Happenings In Our Neighborhood

By Julie Whitcomb

During these scary and uncertain times, it is good to see some wonderful and positive things that have happened and are still happening in our neighborhood!

1. Dogs and Cats

Neighborhood dogs, and their people, are going on more walks and exploring different neighborhood streets and paths.  More dogs and cats are being fostered and adopted, which is great.  We all need a friend in times like these.  Woof!  Meow!

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2. Neighbors

With so many more people walking around, we are meeting more of our neighbors, from a safe distance, of course!  People who have never had time before are getting the chance to connect with those around them.

3. Yards

People are spending more time in their yards.  They are planting flowers and vegetable gardens and caring for them.  That extra care combined with the blossoming springtime is making the neighborhood look beautiful.

4. Artists

Creative children and young adults are drawing colorful chalk pictures and sayings on sidewalks.  Bright rainbows and Mustangs drawings are hanging up in house windows.  Painted rocks appearing around trees with bright colors and designs are bringing a touch of happiness to the neighborhood.

5. Celebrations

A drive-by birthday celebration for a 96-year-old man was held with horns honking, signs waving, and family, friends and neighbors clapping and cheering for him.  Other neighbors held a surprise 60th birthday greetings for a friend with signs and balloons outside the front window in the rain.  Congratulation signs are being put up to celebrate graduating seniors.

6. Happy Hours

People are getting together outside on their lawns, spaced six feet apart.  Whether they are having a picnic, enjoying a morning coffee, or having wine and cocktails, they finding ways to connect and spend time together.

7. Greetings

Young children are looking out their windows and calling out friendly greetings to people walking by.  More of us are smiling and waving to our neighbors from passing cars, across streets, and from our yards!

[Whitcomb lives on Chiswell Lane.]   ■

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