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Northwood News ♦ June 2020

Oh, You Mean That Montgomery County

By Ed Levy

One sunny morning you leave your Silver Spring home and slide in behind the steering wheel.  Three hours later, you cross the Montgomery County line.  Before you wonder if you’ve made a wrong turn, you realize that you’ve left the Montgomery County with the highest population — in Maryland — and arrived in the Montgomery County with the second highest population — in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia.

These two counties are among the 18 counties named “Montgomery” in the United States, 16 of which are east of the Mississippi River and 12 of which have a population of fewer than 75,000 people.  Rounding out the top six most populated Montgomery Counties are:  Texas (northern Houston suburbs) at third, Ohio (Dayton) at fourth, Alabama (Montgomery City) at fifth, and Tennessee (Clarksville) at sixth.

Most of the counties (including ours) were named to honor Major General Richard Montgomery, who, serving under Benedict Arnold, died on the last day of 1775 when attacking Quebec City during the Continental Army’s unsuccessful invasion of Canada during the Revolutionary War.   ■

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