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Northwood News ♦ February 2020

A Guide to Organized, Engaging Public Speaking

By Aurea Sellmeyer

Are you afraid of public speaking?  Do you struggle with good presenting skills?  If so, watching “Tips for Talks:  A Guide to Organized and Engaging Public Speaking” might help.  It is an educational video I made in support of the public speaking component of the 4-H program.

My video educates viewers about how to prepare for and deliver an organized and engaging illustrated talk or demonstration.  I have firsthand experience with how intimidating and challenging presenting can be because I have been in a public speaking 4-H club for 11 years.  The challenges and growth I witnessed inspired me to do this project.  Public speaking is an important life skill that every person will need at some point in time.  I believe it is beneficial for everyone to develop their presentation skills to the best of their ability.  Here are some of the tips I include in my video.

Eye Contact

Body Language

Watch the video for more tips and examples of students demonstrating these pointers.

The purpose of my video is to educate and thereby benefit people as they learn about public speaking.  I created it as a training tool for 4-Hers (and others) to help them learn more easily, and for their leaders, teachers, and parents to be more confidant in coaching.

This video is my 4-H Level Six Diamond Clover service-learning project.  The Diamond Clover program is designed to push members, at age-appropriate levels, out of their comfort zones and guide them into leadership positions and community service.  Level Six is the highest-level members can reach through 4-H and it requires members to propose and complete a sizeable service-learning project that involves and benefits the community.

4-H requires the Level Six service-learning project to be sustainable.  As there are always new kids and adults learning working on their public speaking skills, there is a continuing need for public speaking educational material.  My goal for this video is to broadcast it as widely as possible to meet that need.  You can find my video, “Tips for Talks,” through YouTube at

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