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Northwood News ♦ February 2020

MCPS Announces New Boundaries For Forest Knolls Elementary School

By Frances Spiegel

On 26 November 2019, the Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education voted on new boundaries for Forest Knolls Elementary School.  The Board’s decision reassigns a portion of the Northwood/Four Corners neighborhood to Montgomery Knolls (Pre-K through second grade) and Pinecrest (third grade through fifth grade).  The reassigned portion of our neighborhood is labeled “F3” in the map below.

Elementary students in the area marked “F3” — bordered by University Blvd., Colesville Road, and Dennis and Eastwood Avenues — will switch to Pine Crest Elementary in Woodmoor.

The redistricting was necessary due to severe overcrowding at Forest Knolls.  The School Board determined that it was not feasible to expand the footprint of Forest Knolls, and instead opted to build additions onto Montgomery Knolls and Pinecrest to address the issue.  The Board’s decision follows an eight-months-long boundary study by MCPS planning staff, which included a community survey, public information meetings, and public comments submitted directly to the Board.

The new elementary school reassignments start in September 2020; however, rising second graders in 2020 will not be reassigned until the following year, and rising fifth graders in 2020 will not be reassigned.  Middle school assignments will not change.

The Board’s resolution may be viewed at studypdfs/Knolls_BOEResolution.pdf.  School assignments for individual addresses are provided at  The notes under the assignment indicate whether the address has been reassigned to Montgomery Knolls and Pinecrest.

[Spiegel lives on Margate Road.]   ■

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