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Northwood News ♦ December 2019

Navigating Stuff on Sidewalks

By Julie Whitcomb

What do a tricycle, e-bike, scooter, car tire, bicycle, e-scooter, wooden sled, leaf blower, super soaker, lime bike, shovel, and garden hose all have in common?  All these are things that have been left on our neighborhood sidewalks!

Items on sidewalks are hazardous to the children and adults who walk to school and bus stops, walk their dogs, or who just enjoy taking a stroll around the neighborhood.  All these things left on our sidewalks are especially unsafe to people using a cane, walker, or wheelchair, or pushing a baby stroller.  And if someone wants to move them out of the way, many of these items are heavy and awkward to lift.  Have you ever tried to lift an e-scooter?  Yikes!  They weigh a ton!

It is not always convenient or safe to walk on the grassy area or in the street to avoid these obstacles.  The grassy areas can be wet, muddy, uneven, or covered with leaves or snow — all things that make walking even more difficult for people with mobility aids or baby strollers.  As e-scooters and e-bikes, from Lime bikes to Lyft scooters, continue to become even more popular in our neighborhood, it is important to remember to keep them off our sidewalks after using them.  Please make sure your garden tools, bikes, toys, car parts, scooters, and sleds are moved off the sidewalks and onto your yard so everyone can enjoy walking around our neighborhood.  Thank you.

[Whitcomb lives on Chiswell Lane.]   ■

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