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Northwood News ♦ October 2019

FKES Boundary Study Update

By Frances Spiegel

Since last spring, Montgomery County Public Schools Division of Capital Planning has been engaged in a study intended to redraw the boundaries of Forest Knolls Elementary School to address overcrowding.  The new boundaries will take effect for the 2020–2021 school year.  A report on the study’s findings will be published at BoundaryStudy.aspx.

The Superintendent is scheduled to make a presentation on his recommendation to the Board of Education on 28 October 2019.  Public hearings will follow in November, with the Board scheduled to make a final decision on 26 November 2019.  If you have any opinion regarding the future boundaries of Forest Knolls Elementary School, it is important that you contact the Board of Education to let them know.  As explained by MCPS planning department staff at public meetings last spring, it is important for Board members to hear from you even if you agree with the Superintendent’s recommendation.  Our District 3 elected Board member is Patricia O’Neill and she can be reached at Patricia_O’Neill at  However, you may contact the entire Board, including Ms. O’Neill and the at-large members, by sending an email to boe at   ■

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