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Northwood News ♦ June 2019

Forest Knolls PTA Requests Community Help to Preserve Special Press Corps Programs

By Frances Spiegel

The Forest Knolls Elementary School PTA has recently informed the community that the County has cut the special programs funding at Forest Knolls, which will eliminate programs such as Junior Press Corps, Kids News Network, newspaper, and other similar enrichment programs, as well as the position of Ms. Susan Michal, a true educational innovator, who has taught at Forest Knolls for over 30 years.

In an effort to convince the county to restore funding, the PTA has asked current and former students who have benefitted from special programs at Forest Knolls to submit respectful narratives detailing the impact of Ms. Michal’s programs and advocating for the restoration of a full 1.0 Special Programs/Focus position at Forest Knolls.

Letters should be addressed to “To Whom it May Concern,” as they will be bundled and sent to multiple Board of Education and County stakeholders.  Letters should be sent to FKESPTAfeedback AT  Please help spread the word to former Forest Knolls students who may have benefited from these programs.   ■

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