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Northwood News ♦ June 2019

Bungii:  An ‘Uber’ for Stuff

By Jacquie Bokow

Bungii is a mobile app that instantly helps you move stuff across town by connecting you with a local driver with a pickup truck.  It’s like “Uber” but for things instead of people:  store deliveries, Craigslist pickups, donation drop-offs, etc.

Here are some ways Bungii can help move stuff.

  1. Store Delivery
  2. Craigslist Pickup
  3. Large Item Delivery
  4. Donation Drop Off
  5. Junk Removal Services
  6. Small Apartment/College Moving
  7. Storage Unit Hauling
  8. Estate Sale Hauling
  9. Garage/Moving Sale Help
  10. Appliance Transportation
The charge is $1/minute and $1/mile per driver with a $39 minimum.  If you can’t help move the item, order two.

To get something across town, Bungii claims it usually costs around $40.  Time (and mileage) starts when your driver arrives at the pickup location and ends when your driver is done unloading at the drop off location.  You will always receive an estimate before the trip in the app.  All transactions take place in-app, so a credit or debit card is required to request a Bungii.

All Bungii drivers come equipped with at least four ratchet straps, two bungee cords, two blankets, and a tarp to help secure and protect your item(s).

Bungii says its drivers are strong, “but they are not supermen.”  Their focus is on items that you and your driver can lift together and put in the back of a truck.  In addition, they do not allow the transportation of “anything hazardous, illegal, or breathing.”

Bungii is headquartered in Kansas City but also operates in Atlanta; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; South Florida; and Chicago.  Their long-term vision is to be operating in every major city across the nation.

Download the Bungii app at

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