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The Imminent Threat of 5G Cell Towers in Our Front Yards and What You Can Do Now to Prevent Them

By Anna Pritchard

Fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology is supposed to provide faster and higher-capacity transmissions to carry the massive amount of data that will be generated from increasing amounts of streaming videos, texting, cell phones, GPS, etc.  This next generation of wireless allegedly will need a vast new network of wireless antennas located in close proximity to residential dwellings.  This raises many serious issues which have not yet been fully addressed by the wireless industry — issues of health, property values, security, and privacy.

Most safety studies conducted by the industry are misleading.  Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Family and Community Health for the School of Public Health at the University of California-Berkeley, has pointed out that most 5G studies are being done using nonpulsed waves, but 5G will be using pulsed millimeter waves, which have a more profound effect on human bodies, including gene toxicity and DNA strand breaks.

These man-made microwave frequencies are easy to dismiss because we cannot see, hear, taste, or smell them, but their dangers are very real.

Studies on Health Impacts

The Telecommunications Act of 1996 enabled the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate wireless communications but excludes environmental safety and health concerns as reasons to object to what they propose to do.  The levels of radiation that are considered safe by the FCC were decided upon in 1996, two years before 3G was introduced.

According to Theodora Scarato, Executive Director of the Environmental Health Trust (EHT), “In the U.S., the EPA was in development of setting proper safety standards.  They were defunded in 1996 and an appropriations bill removed the money and, in fact, told them they could not research this anymore.  So we don’t have any federally developed safety limits by any U.S. health agencies” [for wireless communications].

On 1 November 2018, the results of the 10-year, $30 million, large-scale animal study on whether Radio Frequency radiation is safe — done by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), part of the National Institutes of Health, at the request of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration — said that there was “clear evidence” (highest rating) of tumors in the hearts of male rats and “some evidence” (second highest rating) of brain and adrenal gland tumors in male rats.

This study was done using only 2G- and 3G-strength RF radiation.  4G radiation is what we are using currently; 5G is expected to be at least 20 to 30 times stronger than 4G.

“5G is an emerging technology that hasn’t really been defined yet,” said Michael Wyde, Ph.D., lead toxicologist of the NTP study.  “From what we currently understand, it likely differs dramatically from what we studied.”

The report concluded, “There is clear evidence that RF radiation is a human carcinogen….  There is some evidence of an increased risk of developing thyroid cancer, and clear evidence that RF radiation is a multisite carcinogen.  …RF radiation should be classified as carcinogenic to humans, Group 1.”

As far back as 2011, the World Health Organization classified radio frequency radiation as a possible 2B carcinogen, but that was using much lower-strength frequencies.

More than 20,000 studies have been done globally on the health effects of low-level wireless radio frequency radiation and 5G frequencies and have shown a long list of adverse biological effects which include:

EHT’s Scarato said in testimony to the D.C. Council in December, “Staying competitive cannot come at the expense of our children’s health.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends reducing exposure to radio frequency radiation cell towers.  We have been misled that there is no scientific evidence when, in fact, there are thousands of studies showing effects [even at] below allowable limits.  The U.S. has among the highest allowable radio frequency levels in the world.”

Countries like Switzerland, Italy, France, Austria, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Israel, Russia, and China have set RF exposure limits 100 to 10,000 times less than the United States.

“More than 180 scientists and medical doctors from 35 countries today pleaded for a halt to the proposed rollout of 5G cell towers in Europe,” said Lennart Hardell, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Oncology, Örebro University, Örebro, Sweden, in 2017.  “The scientists and doctors sent a declaration to officials of the European Commission based in Brussels.  They demanded a moratorium on the increase of cell antennas for planned 5G expansion.  Concerns over health effects from higher radiation exposure include potential neurological impacts, infertility, and cancer….  The wireless industry is trying to deploy technology that may have some very real unintended harmful consequences.  …We are very concerned that the added exposure to 5G radiation could result in tragic, irreversible harm.”

“Peer-reviewed research has documented industry influence on studies of the health impacts of wireless radiation,” explains Dr. Moskowitz.  “We are insisting on a moratorium on 5G until non-industry research can be conducted to ensure the safety of the public.”

Some of the most vulnerable populations to 5G RF are fetuses in the womb, pregnant women, children, people with chronic and neurological diseases, the elderly, and, presumably, our pets.  The developing brain is very sensitive and affected by RF.  Dr. Hugh Taylor, Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Yale New Haven Hospital in Connecticut, in “The Safe Baby Project,” recommends reducing exposure to wireless technology because of the damage to the brain in babies.

There are 230 scientists, doctors, environmental organizations, and citizens from 41 countries with 26,740 signatories as of 4 December 2018 who have signed the “International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space” addressed to the UN, WHO, EU, Council of Europe, and Governments of all Nations.  They have reviewed more than 2,000 peer-reviewed studies on the 5G Technology and “urgently call for a halt to the deployment of the 5G wireless network, including 5G from space satellites.  5G will massively increase exposure to radio frequency radiation on top of the 2G, 3G, and 4G networks for telecommunications already in place….  The deployment of 5G constitutes an experiment on the environment that is defined as a crime under international law….”*

On December 3, 2018, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut and U.S. Representative Anna Eshoo from California formally sent a letter to FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr seeking answers regarding potential health risks posed by the new 5G wireless technology and proving that 5G technology is safe, requesting a response by December 17, 2018.  Senator Blumenthal called Carr’s attention to the results of the NTP’s recent results of their study (see above).  Carr’s response was that the “FCC experts in health and safety keep up with the latest science and have determined that 5G is safe” and went on to state that “Federal law actually says that state and local governments can’t take RF (radio frequency) concerns into account given how much work has gone into this issue at the federal level.”  Congress members Blumenthal and Eshoo then wrote a pointed letter to Commissioner Carr noting that, “Current regulations were adopted in 1996 and have not been updated for the next generation equipment and devices” and “The FCC’s Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) Limits do not apply to devices operating above 6 GHz.”  5G frequencies will be from 6GHz to 100 GHz and above.  They highlight that the FCC has acknowledged that “The SAR probe calibration, measurement accuracy, tissue dialectric parameters, and other SAR measurement procedures required for testing recent generation wireless devices need further examination.”  [Source:]

Property Values

In addition to worries over health problems, there has been much concern regarding how our property values and ability to sell our homes will be affected if 5G antennas are put close to our homes.  No one wants to purchase a house with RF radiation beaming into the home.  This concern was voiced at the Montgomery County Council Hearings.  A survey by the National Institute for Science, Law, and Public Policy in June 2014 (when only 4G technology was deployed) indicates cell towers and antennas negatively impact interest in real estate properties.  “Ninety-four percent of respondents said a nearby cell tower or group of antennas would negatively impact interest in a property or the price they would be willing to pay for it.  And 79 percent said under no circumstance would they ever purchase or rent a property within a few blocks of a cell tower or antennas.” [Source:]


5G will increase risks to privacy.  The high-density deployment of 5G CPMRAs (close proximity microwave radiation antennas) will enable unprecedented surveillance and hacking capabilities, including the ability for commercial and governmental entities to know an individual’s location, travels, activities, preferences, and friends.&nbbsp; [Source:]

Aesthetics and Safety

5G will necessitate small refrigerator-sized boxes and antennas to be attached to telephone poles and on the ground, if you have underground utility wires.  A lot of construction will be necessary.  This will change the aesthetics and landscape of our neighborhoods.

There are traffic and pedestrian hazards that will result from such a ubiquitous (large scale and high density) deployment of 5G CPMRAs.  Extreme weather events may cause hazardous conditions due to the large amount of hundreds of pounds of heavy equipment, wires, and antennas attached to overhead poles.

Safe Alternative

We already have a better solution to 5G.  It is Fiber Optics, or “wired technology,” which is proven to be safe, secure, and much much faster.  Many scientific organizations are recommending using Fiber Optic (wired or corded) connection to computers at home for using the internet, and limited wireless phone use for calls and texting when out and about.  Videos can be downloaded onto smart phones from a wired computer at home and viewed later from their smart phone when away from home.

In their living document, “Eliminate and Reduce Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Exposures in the Classroom:  An Introductory Guide for Schools,” the Environmental Heath Trust recommends eliminating sources of EMF radiation exposures inside school buildings by the installation of corded/wired (instead of wireless) internet/phone/tech connections.  Corded/wired connections will significantly reduce hourly and overall exposures to students, teachers, and staff.”  “This is a living document intended for schools to use as a starting point.”  [Source:]  This would eliminate harmful cell towers near our schools and exposure to EMF to our children.

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[Pritchard is a licensed massage therapist, certified Montessori teacher, Certified Nutritional Consultant, R.N. (retired), and has a Doctorate Degree in Naturopathy.  She also is trained in reiki for animals.  She lives on Ladson Road.]   ■

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