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Northwood News ♦ December 2018

Nurturing Nature

How to Help Wildlife This Winter in Your Own Yard

By Jennifer McGuire Cox

With winter fast approaching, here are some easy tips to create a wildlife-friendly yard!

Suet Sources

Suet is animal fat that has been rendered to form hard cakes, balls, or other shapes.  There are several ways to acquire different types of animal fat for making your own cakes, and many birders have one method that is easiest or preferred for them.  You can try different methods to find the type of fat that is most popular with your backyard birds as well as best for your bird feeding budget.

Recipe Source

Make Your Own Suet

1 cup rendered suet (beef fat)
1 cup chunky peanut butter
3 cups ground cornmeal
1/2 cup white or wheat flour

Melt the suet and peanut butter together until they are smooth and liquid.  Add the cornmeal and flour, mixing well.  (These ingredients will make the suet more crumbly and easier for birds to eat, as well as less messy in the yard.)  Allow the mixture to cool slightly to thicken, then pour it into molds or containers to use.  Refrigerate or freeze suet until it is firm and you are ready to use it.  Extra suet may be kept frozen until needed.  [Recipe from ‘The Spruce’]
[Note:  Suet may be obtained from the meat department at local grocery stores.]

[Jennifer McGuire Cox is a naturalist at Brookside Nature Center, Maydale Conservation Park, and Croydon Creek Nature Center.  She is also a certified Maryland Master Naturalist.  She lives on Belton Road.]   ■

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