Stories from the NFCCA Newsletter, the “Northwood News”

Northwood News ♦ December 2018

President’s Message

By Sharon Canavan

At the October general meeting, the new slate of NFCCA officers and board members was elected for 2018–2019.  One of my goals for our civic association is to encourage the participation of residents who live in different areas within our community.  I was delighted when the nominations for two new at-large board members were approved:  Julie Whitcomb, who recently moved to Chiswell Lane, and Mark Lutz, who lives on Lockridge Drive.  I would also like to acknowledge the service of the NFCCA board members who agreed to continue their active participation on the NFCCA board — the efforts of Ed Levy, Sondra Katz, Linda Perlman, Laura Hussey, Kevin Harris, and Sam Salisbury-Jones contribute to the NFCCA’s reputation as one of the most effective civic associations in Montgomery County.

A big thank you also goes out to the active volunteers and former board members who served our community during the past year.  Fiona Morrissey will continue as our effervescent “raffle lady,” providing refreshments and raffle breaks during our meetings.  Jacquie Bokow, who has served as the editor of the Northwood News for 18 years, makes our neighborhood newsletter interesting and informative — and she also manages the nearly 50 volunteers who hand-deliver the newsletter to your door five times per year.  Jacquie also took the lead on a project to develop a Welcome Kit to give to our new neighbors to help them get settled, find the nearest grocery store, library, etc., and discover all the wonderful amenities our community has to offer.

Samantha Salisbury Jones is keeping it fun and continuing to improve NFCCA’s social media and web-based presence.  Perhaps we spend too much time engrossed in looking at our phones, but communication technologies, such as Facebook and Twitter, expand the ways we can keep in touch with our neighbors.  Whether you stay connected via the NFCCA listserv or NextDoor, Facebook (on Facebook, search for nfccamoco), follow developments in the park on the Friends of North Four Corners Park Facebook page (, or post your thoughts on Twitter @NFCCAMoCo, these are convenient online tools to stay in touch with the goings-on in our community.  Of course, these new communication avenues do not replace the newsletter or the NFCCA webpage (

At the October general membership meeting, we tried a new approach with an Open Forum.  This was designed to gather ideas from the attendees on projects for the upcoming year.  No surprise — there were lots of suggestions!  They ranged from smaller-scale efforts like reinvigorating the parents listserv, sponsoring multifamily yard sales, block parties, and Clean-up Day for Lockridge Creek, to bigger projects such as creating a “Village” to provide support for the seniors who are aging-in-place in our community.

For the next NFCCA general meeting on Wednesday, 12 December, invitations have been extended to the newly elected local representatives, so we can hear their plans for 2019.  In the upcoming year, we anticipate further developments as the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project moves from paper to the development stage.  We will continue to closely follow the recommendations to create a dedicated median lane for these buses in an upcoming BRT study, which could dramatically impact traffic patterns in Four Corners.  Also, development on the Viva White Oak project is now underway, with the recent ground-breaking on that major project.

One of the best ways to stay abreast of emerging issues that impact our community is to attend the NFCCA meetings that are held every other month (except for the summer).  See you in December — meet your neighbors, stay informed, and get involved.  For those of you who are unable to attend, the minutes for the general meetings are posted online here.    ■

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