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Northwood News ♦ December 2017

President’s Message

By Sharon Canavan

At the NFCCA meeting in October, the slate of officers and board members was elected for the 2017–2018 year.  I would like to thank all of the NFCCA board members and other volunteers who served our community during the past year and, in particular, I’d like to recognize outgoing President David Rotenstein for his outstanding work pushing for completion of the road repaving project as well as managing other necessary tasks, such as updating the NFCCA bylaws.  I would like to acknowledge the NFCCA board members for their past service and thank them for their willingness to continue their active participation on the NFCCA board — the efforts of Ed Levy, Sondra Katz, Laura Hussey, Kevin Harris, Sam Salisbury-Jones, and Linda Perlman have contributed to making the NFCCA one of the most effective civic associations in Montgomery County. And I want to thank Linda Perlman who has stepped up to be the NFCCA secretary as I took on the role of President for the upcoming year.  Finally, I’d like to introduce a new board member, Andrew Majett, III, who recently moved into the community and offered to step up to become more active in our civic affairs.

In addition to the board members, there are a number of active volunteers and former board members who keep the plates spinning here in the community.  Fiona Morrissey will remain as director of social affairs, providing refreshments and raffle breaks during our meetings.  The editor of the Northwood News, Jacquie Bokow, will continue to make our neighborhood newsletter both interesting and informative.  At the final community meeting in October, NFCCA recognized the ongoing commitment that Jim Zepp has demonstrated to this community over the years by presenting the Good Neighbor award to him (see story).

One of the projects that the board and other volunteers have taken on is how to improve and manage our social media and web-based presence.  By embracing 21st century communication technologies, such as Facebook and Twitter, we can expand the ways our neighborhood communicates.  Of course, this does not replace our newsletter or the NFCCA webpage.  Whether you stay connected via the NFCCA list serve or NextDoor, Facebook (on Facebook search for NFCCAMoCo), follow developments in the park on the Friends of North Four Corners Park Facebook page (, or post your thoughts on Twitter @NFCCAMoCo, these are convenient online tools to stay in touch with neighborhood goings-on.

Finally, although she recently stepped down as moderator of the NFCCA list serve, I want to acknowledge the efforts of Sheila Xiah Kragie, who took on the herculean task of developing and implementing the NFCCA listserv guidelines.  Priscilla Holberton has agreed to act as an interim moderator for the NFCCA listserv until someone agrees to take on this role.

I am moving into the NFCCA presidency after serving this past year on the board.  Although I have lived in three different houses in the neighborhood, I initially moved in a week before the birth of my daughter 31 years ago.  At the beginning, I served on the NFCAA board, but, when the demands of my job and family took more of my focus, I had to step away.  As I approached retirement, I knew it was time to get more involved again.

I cannot stress enough that your involvement is an essential part of what makes the Northwood-Four Corners-Forest Knolls community a success.  The residents of this neighborhood are active and engaged in civic affairs.  From behind the scenes efforts at NFCCA board meetings, to volunteers participating in public hearings on BRT and the Viva White Oak project, to your attendance at NFCCA meetings and support, such as last year’s letter-writing campaign to make sure the paving project stayed on course — these activities are what contributes to the health and vibrancy of our community.

So I urge you to attend our NFCCA meetings every other month (except for the summer) to keep abreast of events and emerging issues that impact our community directly as well as broader issues that affect Montgomery County.  Meet your neighbors, stay informed, and get involved.   ■

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